Cincinnati Recipe Original Chili

If you've seen my review on Skyline Chili, this chili is very similar. Most of what I said there applies here: similar texture, color, smell, etc. It was less spicy than Skyline and I had wished Skyline to be spicier. I must say this chili didn't make me feel bad afterwards.

Someone pointed out to me that these might be made in the same plant so that might be why they're so similar. Their website says Cincinnati Recipe Chili, Inc. and I find some reference to Skyline Chili, Inc Doing Business As Cincinnati Recipe, Inc. Missing the world Chili in there, but darn close.

If you're ever in Cincinnati, I think Blue Ash makes a better chili and they have a few locations, but as far as cans of Cincinnati chili that I've tried so far, this one has my vote.

Ingredients: beef, water, tomato sauce (water, tomato paste), 2% or less of the following: corn starch, salt, dehydrated onion, spices, dextrose, modified corn starch, paprika, natural flavors.

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