Skyline Chili

This sauce is more watery than some. Has a lot of oil or fat that you can see on top. It's really good, and it is a little spicy, but somehow still a little mild for my tastes. I'd like it to be spicier. I think because it's watery I don't get as much spicy heat at once.

I've never tried it with cheese (as the picture shows) that I can remember. A lot of people eat it on Spaghetti, which I think is disgusting. Hot dog or bowl for me please.

If you're ever in Cincinnati, I think Blue Ash makes a better chili and they have a few locations.

My only problem with this is for some reason I don't feel too well after eating it. I've eaten it a bunch of times and something inside makes me sick.

Ingredients: Beef, water, tomato sauce (water, tomato paste), dried yeast, spices, salt, dehydrated onion, garlic, paprika, and natural flavors.

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