Woodward Ave Michigan Style Hot Dog Chili

I like that this has a pull top. At first glance I noticed what appeared to be lots of meat, some large tomato chunks, and you could see the spices throughout. Looked like this was going to be pretty tasty.

After heating, I poured it into a bowl to eat with chips and have a second can I want to try on hot dogs. It has a good consistency and is definitely a meaty taste. You can tell it's a mix of beef and something else. It's flavorful without being over powered or gritty with spices. It doesn't taste overly salty either, which is good. The only thing I would have liked was a little heat. I would rate this very mild. That's not going to stop me from ordering a few more cans in the near future, though.

I like that the serving size is one can, not that it matters, because either way I'm definitely finishing this.

Ingredients: water, beef and pork, diced tomatoes in juice (tomatoes, tomato juice, citric acid, calcium chloride), modified food starch, textured vegetable protein (soy protein concentrate, caramel color), salt, chili powder (chili pepper, spices), spices, sugar, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder.

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