Cajun Power Makin' Chili Sauce

This has a classic chili smell and is dark red in color. You can see a lot of spices in it. It's flavor is not hot, but a bit complex. I find it hard for me to actually describe. Tasty, not overly salty, but by no means bland. Strong tomato presence up front, but then notes of cajun and garlic hit your mouth. It's something I'd definitely order more of.

I originally ordered this from Wally World's website. When I brought it home the jar was partially opened. The lid was on very loose and half twisted. I was worried about if it was sealed for protection or not and that someone could have tampered with it.

I've since edited the link on my website to the companies actual website / store and ordered directly from them. I received my package a few days ago. I ordered this and a bottle of Garlic Sauce. Garlic Sauce is their original product that made them famous and it's also inside this chili product. I wanted to try the garlic sauce by itself.

I think my only issue is the jars aren't "sealed", but the bottle of garlic sauce has a nice plastic band around it. I wouldn't mind paying a few extra cents if I had to for them to put some protection on it for peace of mind.

Ingredients: onions, water, tomato sauce, tomato paste, soybean oil, cajun power garlic sauce [vinegar, garlic, sucrose, spices, salt, cayenne pepper, xanthan gum (stabilizer)], sugar, chile peppers, salt, black pepper, green bell peppers, spices.

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