Zweigles Hot Meat Sauce and Chili Mix

This has directions to make both Hot Meat Sauce and Hot Spicy Chili. If you're making meat sauce you combine this with meat and water. Pretty much everything you need is in the packet. However, if you're making chili there's a lot more stuff involved. You only use half a packet, diced tomatoes, ketchup, chili powder, beans, salt, and of course meat and water. I didn't buy this to have to get my own spices out. I think the only recipe I'll make is one that's all inclusive in the packet.

I'll cook this up another time and report back, although I don't have that high of hopes because there's nothing interesting in the ingredients except cinnamon. I got super sick out of nowhere and I'm not eating.

Ingredients: cayenne pepper, chili powder, (chili peppers, cumen, oregano, garlic, salt), cinnamon, salt, onion, black pepper, garlic.

They spelled cumin wrong on the package, not me.

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