Rochester Plate Sauce

It's been so long since I've had this sauce, but I didn't want to leave this page blank. So I'll try and write a review from memory.

The sauce is freakin awesome. Had a very nice flavor and spiciness to it. Out of all the sauces I've tried, this is one that I'd probably put in my top 3. It's got a taste that I crave from time to time.

What's really nice is that the sauce comes in special pouches that keep the it fresh for a long time. The other advantage to this is you're not opening the whole thing at once. There's three pouches inside each box, so you won't have to worry about finishing everything in one sitting or even two days later as with most meat sauces. You'll have more for later and it's sealed fresh!

EDIT: I know this sauce is no longer being produced. I keep this page up as a tribute to how much I liked it and hope to see it come back to market some day.