Patterson's Beef Hot Dog Chili

You can really taste the meat, although I don't totally enjoy the flavor. Spices are definitely in the front and this has some heat to it. It builds as you keep eating it. It's just the right texture for hot dogs without having the beans that some brands add.

EDIT: I finally opened the second can. I got a hard piece of something in it, decided to spit it out, and stopped eating.

Ingredients: beef, water, tomato paste, textured vegetable protein (soy flour, caramel coloring), barley flour, spice blend (chili peppers, spices, dehydrated onion, dehydrated garlic, salt, red pepper, silicon dioxide (2% max), caramel color, natural spice extractives, and ethoxyquin [100 pm max]), modified corn starch, sugar, garlic powder.

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  1. Love it... Best chilli dog sauce i ever tasted.. Hands down. None other can compare


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